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Archipelago Charters is the premium provider of luxury helicopter chauffer air service in Mozambique, operating a variety state-of-the-art Eurocopter and Bell helicopters. We are committed to being the outright leader in our field in Mozambique offering helicopter tours as well as private travel and corporate charters.

While relaxing aboard with the Captain’s full attention, passengers can experience the Archipelago with its scenic wonders unfolding as they soar like an eagle over the scenic wonders. From the elegance of flamingos, the amazing sea life such as Dugongs, crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, golden dunes, historic lighthouses and pristine islands to nature’s art work in the form of ripples in sand and water.

We currently run a full time operation in the Bazaruto Archipelago. Our services include the option to island hop and visit many of the islands that make up the exquisite Mozambique Archipelago.

Our trusted helicopter operations employees have undergone extensive training and all hold a professional license in order to make sure that they adhere to all flight safety rules and that you feel secure and comfortable during your helicopter flip. The pilots are highly experienced and adhere to all business practices that are applicable to the law.

Archipelago Charters does not compromise service. Through service excellence and consistent quality management we ensure VIP treatment with a “safety first” culture and guarantee the highest standard of safety.