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Our gorgeous giftshop, The Pansy Shell, is situated just off the main villa and open all day. It is filled with a collection of hand picked items sourced locally and abroad to bring you a choice of beautiful items to take home – memories from your stay and gifts for those back home.

At the Pansy Shell, there is something for everyone, from Santorini branded tees, caps, hats, fleeces, anoraks, bracelets, slops and sarongs in all sizes to our gorgeous Uno de 50 silver and beaded jewellery pieces, Goodbye Malaria pants, Ruby Yaya assortment for ladies and local capulana beach bags with coconut husk clasps. For the little ones travelling with you or even back home you will find a range of gorgeous plush sea animals, beautiful hand made cotton whales, kids woven sillk colourful bracelets, clothing, mini sarongs and sunhats.

There are also some essentials stocked in the store for little things that get left behind. We have a large selection of caps and sunhats, mini suncreams, a fun range of wooden sunglasses and even a collection of pretty hair accessories, cozzies and boardshorts.

“Keep some souvenirs of your stay, or how will you ever prove it wasnt all just a dream?”

whale toy detail in the pansy shell gift shop
resin covered pansy shell necklaces
shell detail in the pansy shell gift shop
wooden dhow boats
kikoi selection at the pansy shell gift shop
kapalana fabrics in the pansy shell
kapalana beach bags in the gift shop
towelling kikois
selection of ruby yaya beachwear
reception and giftshop at the main villa
gorgeous beaded necklace at the pansy shell gift shop
display in the pansy shell gift shop