With its rambling white Greek-inspired structures, Santorini enhances the brilliant tones of olive trees and bougainvillea, vast blue skies and the countless aquatic hues that change by the hour. The open plan, multi-level main villa is the heart-space around which Santorini has evolved. A sprawling villa with extensive and enchanting hideaways. The main villa consists of five individual, spacious suites with gorgeous décor and elegant bathrooms, each unique in design and feel.

Did you know that the Main Villa Suites at Santorini are named after the 5 Islands of the Bazaruto National Park?

Bazaruto Suite

Named after an island with enormous sand dunes and a lighthouse built by the Portuguese over 100 years ago. Legend has it that pearls were collected for the Queen of Sheba off the coast of Bazaruto.

Benguerra Suite

The island was originally called Santo Antonio by Portuguese explorers before being renamed Benguerra after Mozambican Independence. The island contains an indigenous milkwood forest and wetland areas making it a sanctuary for the suni antelope and a birders paradise. Benguerra also contains fresh-water lakes for the local population.


Magaruque is also one of the best islands to see the flamingos from.
Despite being so small it has a population of residents attracted by the fishing along the deep-sea channel. Magaruque used to be named Ilha Santa Isabel prior to Mozambican Independence. Magaruque is the closest island to Vilanculos and small enough to walk around in a couple of hours.


Ilha Banque is a miniscule undeveloped and uninhabited island 15km off the coast, only 5 ha in size. This tiny island in the Bazaruto archipelago is scattered with sun bleached pansy shells, pink flamingo feathers and giant starfish on the ocean floor.

Paradise Island Santa Carolina

Santa Carolina also known as Paradise Island is one of the smallest islands that make up the Bazaruto Archipelago Marine National Park. This is a rock island surrounded by 3 coral reefs famous for its large abandoned hotel and pristine beaches. Bob Dylan famously composed his song “Mozambique” while sitting on the shores of Santa Carolina.