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Santorini’s new private airport lounge offers privacy and comfort to Santorini’s guests on arrival and departure at Vilanculos’ small and quiet International Airport. The lounge is used exclusively for Santorini guests and sanitized prior to each use.


The short 30-minute drive from the airport in Santorini’s open 4×4 converted safari vehicle are limited to just four guests allowing sufficient space for social distancing. Our vehicles are disinfected before each transfer and luggage is handled by our driver who strictly practices hand hygiene. A luggage sanitising service is provided on arrival.


Our health and safety protocols and staff training have been enhanced to include recommended precautions by WHO guidelines. This includes the regular cleaning of all surface areas and equipment with a disinfectant compliant with health regulations. Hand Sanitisers (containing 71.7% alcohol) and masks are available for all guests and staff. Sanitizer is readily available at Santorini’s Airport lounge, on all vehicles, in the Main Villa suites and bathrooms and all communal areas.

Face masks are available for the use of guests and employees unless it is not deemed mandatory by government guidelines. All protocols and procedures are subject to updates in line with latest guidance from the relevant health and industry authorities. Handles, surfaces, switches, and other touch points around the shared areas of the villa are sanitized every 3 hours and a checklist maintained. Chemical MSDS are available on request.


Guests are screened on arrival into Mozambique for symptoms at Vilanculos Airport Arrivals. During the guests’ stay at Santorini, management will conduct regular non- intrusive temperature checks.

We have adopted a warm welcome without contact and an option to either meet the entire team looking after our guests or just their personal host and the manager. Luggage is disinfected on arrival and our vehicle is sanitized prior to each transfer.

Our Santorini APP has replaced our information folders and is available at the Villas with all guests information, service and activity price list. Ipad’s used for the APP are sanitized before each new set of guests check in.

Guest rooms, including all small accessories are deep cleaned and sanitized prior to arrival according to strict guidelines. A UV sanitation machine is used to clean soft furnishing in the rooms and aircon filters are washed with hot water. In Santorini’s personalized pre arrival form, guests are able to personalise their level of interactions with the team for their own wellbeing. This includes an option to not have a housekeeping service during their stay.

An online payment option has been introduced for check out should guests prefer not to handle cash or for us to handle their card. Alternatively, our card machine is sanitized before use and cash will be accepted.


Our staff have undergone training sessions with the health department and have ongoing training with the private hospital. Physical distance plans have been practiced with all our staff. All staff temperatures are recorded at the start and end of each shift. Any other personnel are also temperature checked on arrival. All temperatures are taken with a non – contact thermometer and recorded. We are conducting mandatory staff hygiene checks and have placed hand sanitizer (containing 71.7% alcohol) in multiple locations around the villa for guest and staff use. Staff are also provided with multiple face masks so that masks can be washed daily. Santorini staff facilities include a large canteen where meals are prepared according to regulations. Multiple benches have been placed sufficiently apart to practice social distancing and mealtimes are taken in rotation to avoid over- crowding. All meals are provided for staff on duty and are healthy and nutritious options for the upkeep of their wellbeing. Staff facilities also include 2 male and 2 female bathrooms and a larger male changing room with multiple showers. We have always provided staff with soap, toothpaste, and deodorant for hygiene. There is a dedicated back of house cleaner for regular sanitation of these areas.


Each booking party will be looked after by the same dedicated host as per our usual standards. All meals are individually prepared and plated and food handling procedures are in accordance with hygiene regulations. Our inclusive and exclusive drinks menus can be viewed using the Santorini App and daily food menus will be presented on boards to avoid contact. At a time where health and wellbeing has never been more critical, we have introduced new immune boosting juices. Our meals are designed with health in mind with most vegetables coming from our organic vegetable garden. A food grade sanitizer is used to disinfect all packaging on goods received, and food surfaces.


A personal host is available for all meal and drinks service throughout your stay. Each meal will be set up in intimate and private locations throughout the main villa or private villas – a Santorini signature! Private locations are cleverly planned out across the Main Villa or in the privacy of The Chapel and Villa da Praia. All meals are individually prepared and plated.


Pool loungers have removable washable covers made from soft quality towelling material that are washed after each use and pool lounger arm rests sanitized. The chemical maintenance of the multiple pools we have at Santorini, is in accordance with professional pool company standards and checklists are maintained. Our maintenance personnel all work with sanitized tools.


Santorini’s Main Villa only has five spacious suites. The Main Villa is multi-tiered with many open-plan spaces and multiple relaxation areas sufficient for social distancing. Santorini also has two exclusive use villas which define privacy. The Chapel, a 2 bedroomed villa, and Villa da Praia, a 3 bedroomed villa, feature their own private pools as well as large living and dining areas.


Activity equipment is sanitised prior to each guest use and vehicle transfers will adhere to social distancing. Our beautiful beach cabanas allow privacy and distance when enjoying the beach. All our activities and experiences are tailored privately.

Excursions will continue but with added protocols in place. Our guides practice strict hand hygiene and wear face masks when social distancing cannot be adhered to. All equipment is sanitized before each guest use.

Our beach cabanas allow privacy and distance when enjoying the beach. All our activities and experiences are tailored to enjoy privately. All of our 3rd party partners for outsourced activities i.e. Diving and Horse riding have also adopted social distancing and additional health and safety measures.


The AMS private hospital in Vilanculos has a PCR laboratory that processes Covid 19 samples on their premises. Turnaround time in receiving test results is 24-48 hours after taking the samples. For the convenience of our guests a hospital nurse is booked to conduct the test at Santorini in the privacy of our clients suites. The test results are then emailed to the clients/villa office once processed and the results will be printed by our team for return flight requirements.


In the unlikely event that a guest or staff member displays symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19, they will immediately be accommodated in an allocated isolation suite to self-isolate while seeking medical intervention. Under instruction from medical advisors the guest will either be required to move to a designated health care facility or move to Santorini isolation suite depending on availability. During isolation, the guest is to receive no visitors apart from the medical team. Food will be served in disposable containers and left outside the door. No personnel will enter the room for cleaning services etc during the isolation period. The guest will have all amenities in the room available to make the isolation period as comfortable as possible. The room accommodating the infected guest will be cleaned thoroughly in accordance with WHO guidelines.


In accordance with WHO a close contact is considered any person who has exposure to the affected guest in the below manner 2 days prior and 14 days after of the onset of symptoms: Face to face contact within 1 meter and for more the 15 minutes, direct physical contact or being inside an enclosed space for more than 15 minutes. The staff members and guests that meet the above criteria are considered to be close contacts and will be required to self-isolate and self-monitor for Covid19 symptoms. Other guests and staff who had low exposure and considered secondary contact are to take precautionary measures by social distancing, wearing PPE and monitoring for symptoms.