Let your body and mind ease into a dreamy state at our heavenly Spa Na Colina at Santorini Mozambique.

Tucked away on the hill amongst palm trees and lush vegetation. Our latest addition, filled with soft lighting and carefully selected furnishing, is tranquil and inviting.

A place where the rest of the world seems far away and one can become completely immersed in thought and relaxation – your own space to be rejuvenated and pampered by our talented spa therapists. Upon entering the open courtyard, the relaxing trickling sound of water captivates your ears whilst the smell of fresh lemongrass, mint and lavender, growing in the antique local mokoro, excites the nose.

Inspired by Africa, the ocean and our commitment to nature. The products we use have been created from a passion of the marine world and its invaluable riches. Our aromatherapy oils are infused with the benefits of aroma healing with African notes.

Indulge in our signature treatment using local monkey apples to ground and balance the body or add a simple splash of fun colour to your nails. Each guest is treated to a welcoming foot ritual before every treatment.

To compliment our treatments, guest are offered aromatic herbal tea and fruit infused iced water, that can be enjoyed at leisure in the tranquil courtyard or in the shade of the lattice covered patio at the spa.

ENJOY, nourish, RENEW.


Strengthen your body and bring tranquility to your mind and spirit with a Hatha Yoga Session led by a qualified yoga teacher. Hatha Yoga includes asanas (poses), mediation and breathwork. Vinyasa Yoga can also be arranged for those that prefer a more flowing movement between poses.

Enjoy a feeling of lightness with the hues of the sea and sky during your Yoga session. The venues may vary between the Sala Bar, spa courtyard or the beach.

Your host will be waiting with some aromatic herbal tea and fruit infused iced water once you have finished your session.

This activity is outsourced and subject to the availability of the Yoga instructor. Pre-bookings are essential.

60 Minute Private Single/Couple $80
Group Session $30 per person

RELAX, rejuvenate, BREATHE.

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself”
Hemann Hesse