Santorini supports a locally organized community project group called LUZ. They work with a broad spectrum of projects in Vilanculos and rely on donations alone to upkeep their work. We try to keep our  community page updated with all the activity we are currently involved in with them but the locals of Vilanculos are not all happy to have their picture taken so please bare in mind that we are not able to capture alot of the work that is done.

The LUZ project is run by volunteers and some of their amazing work includes:

♥ The installation of 5 bore-holes and water pumps in the Vilanculos area;  each pump serves between 60-150 families

♥ Placing volunteers in 7 areas of Vilanculos doing child protection workshops.

♥ Orchestrating subsidized mass animal rabies vaccinating days in partnership with the local Agriculture department.

♥ Creating awareness & education for HIV/Aids

♥ Helping vulnerable women to set up small businesses  

♥ Supporting  people in Vilanculos who have albinism by creating awareness, assisting in donations of suncream,  sunglasses, long sleeve clothes and sun hats.

LUZ Facebook

little albino girl from vilanculos

Project: LUZ


Leave any of your suncream or sunhats behind when you leave. We will donate these to the small community of Albinos in Vilanculos to help protect them from the extremely hard Mozambican sun. They cannot afford suncream or hats or even long sleeve tshirts and sunshirts so anything you dont want, we will donate.
We have a dedicated box for LUZ donations in our gift shop and we try to do weekly dropoffs depending on how full our box is or how urgently they are in need of items.

THANK YOU for supporting our local community.