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Paraiso Escondido | Experiences | Santorini Mozambique

Dine under a star-lit African sky

A tranquil, hidden paradise that can be booked out exclusively for couples or groups during your stay. Dine privately under the magnificent African sky or find bliss in relaxing on the soft day bed beside the heated plunge pool. Watch the sun paint a warm glow on the Greek-inspired, textured walls and take in the visual delight of the bathroom with patterned floors and a glorious shell chandelier tinkling subtly above you.

At Paraiso Escondido, you can design the menu with your chef, be it whole fish, crayfish, prawns or fillet with a fresh selection of sides and salads. For couples who prefer to be left alone to enjoy the late afternoon sun and evening stars, you will be treated to Greek-style meze platters of savoury and sweet, complete with a chilled bottle of champagne, left in the courtyard to enjoy at leisure and in complete privacy.

Whether the occasion is pure romance or a festive celebration – We can’t wait to share Santorini’s hidden paradise with you.

Within the embrace of tranquility lies our hidden paradise, where nature whispers secrets of a world untouched by time.

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