Let your body and mind ease into a dreamy state at our heavenly Spa na Colina. We have a light and airy treatment room that can cater for exclusive single or dual treatments, a separate bathroom with shower and a relaxing courtyard to enjoy your post treatment herbal tea whilst taking in the tranquil surrounds.

Our spa is managed by Nella, who has magic hands to help you relax and rejuvenate.

Helena Maria Joao, affectionately known to us as Nella, was born in Beira and grew up and went to school in Maputo, the Capital of Mozambique. She met her husband in 2003 and was invited to Benguerra where she trained and became a Spa therapist. Within 3 months, she managed to master the English language from her Portuguese background. She has two children, Diogo and Rafia who are 11 and 9 years old. Nella enjoys travelling and listening to good music. As a young girl, she dreamt of being an air stewardess. She now loves to do Spa treatments. She really enjoys cooking local dishes, especially for her husband, and spends most of her free time working on new local foods and flavours. Her favourite dish is Feijoada.

Nella is assisted by Zulmira, otherwise known as Mira. She was born in Vilanculos but grew up in Maputo where she got most of her education. She completed High school in Vilanculos.
She has always wanted to work in the Hospitality industry and started working on the islands as a waitress and worked her way up to become the housekeeping supervisor at one of the main island Lodges.
Mira enjoys people, she is outgoing and loves dancing, music, being with friends and spending time with her two boys. She attends the local Catholic Church in Vilanculos. Her dream is to become one of the best Spa therapists in Vilanculos.

The Products used at Spa Na Colina are inspired by Africa, the ocean and our commitment to nature. Our aromatherapy oils are infused with the benefits of aroma healing with African notes.

For thousands of years, the powers of the sea have been renowned for their role in revitalising, rebalancing and healing the body. In the 19th Century the French became the specialists in sea water based cures coined “Thalassothapy”. In 1964 the Thalgo brand was created as a mixed concept to Thalassothapy and Algotherapy. Thalgo draws on the formidable potential of algae concentrating on the natural ingredients giving lasting, visible results. As the undisputed experts in Marine Intelligence, Thalgo offers unique treatment experiences and optimum effectiveness.

Made in Africa, for Africa, with a focus on ancient aromatherapy philosophies and the lip-soluble nature of essential oils, the Cspa brand awakens a yearning of total skin and body wellness. Concentrating on feeling and emotions the aromatherapy journeys taken with these products are tailored to your individual needs and desires.

Indulge in our signature treatment using local monkey apples to ground and balance the body or add a simple splash of fun colour to your nails. Each guest is treated to a welcoming foot ritual before every treatment. Unique to Spa na Colina, Santorini’s Signature Treatment is designed with specific massage movements that mimic the waves of the ocean in slow, long flowing movement to create a deep sense of relaxation and peace. A full body treatment by Nella or Mira with aromatherapy oils, hot stones and mini facial, is a treatment that is the ultimate piece of heaven.